Inspired by nature and colourful spaces, minimalism and surrealism ~ oolme /all·me/ is the visual expression of the photographer and digital retoucher Leslie Celis. 


Beautify all subjects and objects in front of the lense while making aesthetics accesible.


Leslie started learning Photoshoot and Illustrator at age fifteen, while editing personal and friends' photos just for fun. After graduating from high school, Leslie studied Advertising and Graphic Design which was key to find out her passion for aesthetics.

In 2011, Leslie got her first DSLR camera and started her journey shooting events, and model photography. In 2013, she joined Celebrity Cruises as a photographer gaining experience in lifestyle, and studio photography.

After living in Germany during 2014-2015, Leslie moved to Sydney, Australia, where she developed her career in management roles working for fashion brands while doing photography on the side.

In 2016 oolme was born as a visual art concept, and has since then evolved to become an inspirational platform.

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