BTS #1

Photoshoot located in Darling Harbour; a minimal and modern space was the perfect background. 

Irina’s black and feminine dress was key to embody a classy look while her sunnies added an elegant touch. The idea behind this was a set of B&W portraits with a soft vibe, but sometimes a photoshoot could take a different path, and the synergy creates new material almost by surprise. 

Marcelle’s ideas for Make-up were inspired by summery and sunny colours. Using an orange and peach palette, suitable to Irina’s skin tone. She tried to choose options that could work for the three outfits we shot that day by simply making a few changes between them. 

The final result speaks for itself. 

 Irina and Marcelle getting ready for the photoshoot

#colour #finalselection #enjoy 🌸

Iconic landscapes

Natural beauties, urban constructions, or just a simple mix of both can become a recognized location from time to time. For this to take place, there must be a connection between the community and the collective as one, identifying the geographical icon. Here is where the populations’ memories and historical events play an essential role.

The process takes many years to happen. Sometimes a location gets the attention of a community and becomes very trendy, but after a couple of years, everyone just simply forgets about it. In other cases, the symbols and memories are so strong that the transformation from trend to icon takes place progressively. 

On a minimal level, the process is influenced by perception through the senses, as well as the feelings evoked.

Now, think of a time when you visit one of those places and reconnect with the feelings awaken. What was your experience? What connected you with the collective? And what memories are still present? This weeks’ reflection is on you 🌸

Reflections on a flight to Guangzhou


Sunset vibes and travelling; look at the sky during this time of the day and a peaceful feeling will rise. 


Travels were key during the last years while opening doors to new atmospheres, cultures, and perspectives. It makes me realise that there is a world full of opportunities, as well as a variety of people and experiences to learn from. 

Getting used to a different climate and going through the exhausting feeling of jet lag takes my attention inwards; sometimes the new zone is not a comfort zone, and the period of adaptation starts while absorbing new ideas, and sharing amazing times, trying new tastes, flavours, music; while sharing with others, while being a blank paper: very flexible, transparent and fearless.

People are different wherever in the world you are, but something very special happens when we see this as a chance to expand our horizons; the uniqueness of all of us reveals an undisputed connection as a collective which goes beyond individualism and cultures.

They are explorers; imagining the world, and new worlds from where new ideas can grow.