Reflections on a flight to Guangzhou

Sunset vibes and travelling; look at the sky during this time of the day and a peaceful feeling will rise. 


Travels were key during the last years while opening doors to new atmospheres, cultures, and perspectives. It makes me realise that there is a world full of opportunities, as well as a variety of people and experiences to learn from. 

Getting used to a different climate and going through the exhausting feeling of jet lag takes my attention inwards; sometimes the new zone is not a comfort zone, and the period of adaptation starts while absorbing new ideas, and sharing amazing times, trying new tastes, flavours, music; while sharing with others, while being a blank paper: very flexible, transparent and fearless.

People are different wherever in the world you are, but something very special happens when we see this as a chance to expand our horizons; the uniqueness of all of us reveals an undisputed connection as a collective which goes beyond individualism and cultures.

They are explorers; imagining the world, and new worlds from where new ideas can grow.